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Glueberry Strain, Glueberry OG is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) created by crossing the infamous Gorilla Glue X OG Kush X Blueberry strains. Known for its heavy effects and super delicious flavor, Glueberry OG strain will have you head over heels in no time at all. The Glueberry Weed high starts in the head with a euphoric effect that fills the mind with a light sense of focus before dropping you into a strong forgetful and hazy state. glueberry auto

You’ll feel a strong physical high soon afterward, dropping you off into a relaxed state that’s immovable for hours on end without causing too much sleepiness or sedation. Thanks to these effects and its high 15-20% average THC level, Glueberry OG is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or PTSD, depression, and migraines or headaches. This bud has a super sweet fruity blueberry flavor with a light touch of citrusy fruits upon exhale. auto glueberry

The aroma of dutch passion glueberry og is of earthy pungency with a spicy berry overtone that’s accented by sharp citrus and rich woods. Glueberry OG buds have fluffy spade-shaped tapered bright neon green nugs with vivid orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes. glueberry og auto

Glueberry – Glueberry o.g.

There’s no question that the Netherlands consistently creates incredible cannabis strains and Glueberry 0.g. just might be one of the best. Dutch Passion Seed Company decided to take a leap of faith, crossing OG Kush, Blueberry, and Gorilla Glue #4 to develop an evenly balanced bud that’s nothing short of powerful. It’s no wonder she’s won multiple awards in Europe and has become a favorite of smokers worldwide. glueberry fruit

Since she has some pretty potent genetics it’s surprising that Glueberry OG doesn’t rank higher on the THC charts. In most cases, you’ll find her at dispensaries with an average of 17% THC. Each nug is fluffy and bright with a neon green coloring that’s accented by orange hairs and a coating of tiny white trichomes. Just as you’d guess, blueberry flavor is prominent as you smoke, and this note is complemented by citrus, spice, and wood for a robust and complex taste and aroma. glueberry seeds

For most users, Glueberry OG makes for a great afternoon toke and is ideal for times when you want to mellow out a bit without becoming completely sedated. It’s common to first experience a wave of joy that’s out of this world with some claiming their ability to focus is even briefly bolstered. Don’t count on this clear-headed state for too long though, because soon enough you’ll likely drift into a haze of relaxation that’s more than welcome. Glueberry OG could increase the desire to socialize in some, so consider smoking her with some friends.

Glueberry og – Glueberry Strain Leafly

Whether it’s a calm day at work or a chilled-out weekend, Glueberry OG makes for a great therapeutic strain. Just a few hits of this bud are likely to help ease the pain associated with migraines, muscle aches, and other bodily issues. It’s also been reported that both depression and anxiety can be soothed as a state of euphoria can kick in pretty quickly and remove all worries from your mind. PTSD may also be positively affected by glueberry og Leafly depending on your tolerance. glueberry strain wikileaf

Dutch Passion Seed Company makes seeds of this gal readily available on their website but doesn’t offer much in the way of cultivation tips. It’s rumored that glueberry og seeds are a fairly easy strain to grow at home and does equally well inside or outdoors. Patience is required as it could take up to 12 weeks for an indoor harvest to be ready, but the result is often well worth it. Dutch Passion Seed Company claims that you’ll end up with a lot of flowers when all is said and done. glueberry strain allbud

Finding Glueberry OG at your local dispensary might be slightly challenging depending on where you live, but if you do come across this magical bud, it’s advised that you give her a try at least once. Her flavors are pleasing to just about everybody and she’ll likely provide you with a mellow high that’s great for putting your feet up and checking out for a few hours. glueberry auto strain.

Glueberry og strain – Glueberry og strain allbud

Leafly glueberry buds are very dense, expect rock-hard THC-rich nuggets. Glueberry OG is an Indica/Sativa hybrid. She is easy to grow, extremely potent, and resinous with a deliciously powerful feel-good high. glueberry og seedfinder

Glueberry OG is grown by hybridizing our original Blueberry x Gorilla Glue (GG) x OG Kush. Gorilla Glue is a popular USA variety, this strain was the successful result of crossing Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. These parents ensured the connoisseur taste and high of this amazing strain. og glueberry

Glueberry OG derives from three infamous hybrids originating from the US. The first one is Gorilla Glue; this variety functions as an adhesive, sticking consumers to the couch with its earthy and pungent aromas. The second strain is the legendary OG Kush, which derives from Chemdawg, Afghan, and Lemon Thai; it’s the pride and joy of Californian genetics. Glueberry OG mixes the essence of both these magnificent cultivars. glueberry og dutch passion.  Gorilla Glue and OG Kush got crossed. The result of this cross was then crossed with the incredible Blueberry strain. super glueberry strain

Glueberry weed – Glueberry Weed Strain

A creation of Dutch Passion, dutch passion glueberry og has won multiple awards in the Netherlands, including 2nd Prize Indica, and Home Grown Cup in 2017. Glueberry Strain blends a trio of strains – Blueberry, Gorilla Glue, and OG Kush – to culminate in a delightful fruity aroma and matching taste with a spicy twist. Elevated THC levels deliver a strong euphoric effect. Glueberry

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